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Written by Chris Kibble   
Tuesday, 12 February 2019 16:55

Dear all


We were delighted to have Yonghua Ge speak to us on Sunday at the time of this Chinese New Year. He reminded us of the saying that there can be no good ending in the absence of a good beginning. And of course, the earth had the best of beginnings. It was God who created and gave order, as is described in Genesis 1.



It was God who created something out of nothing. He didn't need any material - nothing is ...nothing! There are many theories about how the world came about - but they presuppose something and the Bible does not. Similarly, just like the fires in Vancouver last year which were originally initiated by lightning, the bible stresses that it was Jesus who initiated the world - he was there at the beginning. And all things were made through him. He was there at the beginning; he'll be there at the end. We were created by Christ, and we were created for Christ. Also, in Genesis 1, God's sovereignty is reflected throughout. In many ways, it shows the falsity of pagan thinking. The light was created for us, so things like sun 'gods' are false gods who cannot harm us. God is in complete control of all things - just like Jesus in the boat on the Sea of Galilee. Genesis 1 also states how God created good things. So, the world is intrinsically good, and the gnostic view that the earth is intrinsically bad is not true.

If Christ is our beginning and is at the centre of our lives, he will turn our chaos into order.



Pastor Chris

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