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Written by Chris Kibble   
Thursday, 24 January 2019 15:36

Dear all


We are constantly reminded in the news about opposition to the Christian message. The BBC News, for example, carried this week stories of the persecution of Christians in India. India is listed on their World Watch list by Open Doors, an organisation which supports persecuted Christians. The World Watch List records the top 50 countries where it's hardest to be a Christian.


But persecution of Christians in various forms is nothing new. As he sought to rebuild Jerusalem's walls,  Nehemiah experienced the ridicule of his enemies Sanballat, Tobiah, Geshem and the people of Ashdod. His enemies sought to discourage Nehemiah and his workers, casting doubt on their strength and the quality of their building materials.  When their ridicule failed to make an impact, they threatened to come and fight against Jerusalem. These threats discouraged the workers who were worried about both such attacks in Jerusalem and attacks in their villages while they were away. Nehemiah responds firmly to these threats with prayer, asking that God will teach his enemies a lesson. He also took practical measures: he posted guards and armed the workers. He also made arrangements for the workers to support each other if attacked. Nehemiah also spent significant time in encouraging the workers, reminding them of the great and awesome God who was on their side.

As Alistair Begg said, 'whenever God's work is done in God's way, there will be opposition'. So, steady day by day reliance on our God is as essential today as it was for Nehemiah. The spiritual revolution that started at Pentecost cannot be stopped. God is building his church and will continue to do so until he draws things to a close. Paul called us co-workers in God's service. Let's be co-workers with God as we see lives transformed through his Spirit, fully confident in his sufficiency.



Pastor Chris

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