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Written by Thomas Bergen   
Thursday, 03 January 2019 11:37


As I’m sure most, if not all of you know, last Sunday is the last service that I will be leading worship here at LPC.

Many of you have expressed sadness at hearing the news of our plans to leave, and your kind comments have been very reassuring for us to know how much you have appreciated our presence and ministry at LPC



It’s hard to believe, but we started attending LPC back in November 2013 - just three months after we were married - and since that time over 5 years have passed. When we started attending LPC, Cara was still an undergraduate student at UBC and I was otherwise unemployed. We had just moved into the Marpole neighborhood, and were looking for the nearest evangelical church that was searching for a worship pastor. You welcomed us with great warmth and generosity.

Some of our off-hand comments about not having furniture in our apartment were picked up and passed along. Suddenly, Vincent and Julia, David and Jean, and Brian and Simmie were arranging for us to pick up used furniture from family and friends and friends of friends.

In our opening song on Sunday, we sang “Lead us Lord into a life of fruitfulness. Prepare our hearts to risk again. And as we trust, taking simple steps of obedience, we know that you will lead us, Lord.”

These words nicely sum up our feelings at the present time, looking as we are into a future that is very uncertain, but up to a trustworthy God who we know wants to make our lives fruitful.


At the end of February, Cara will find out where she will be placed for her two-year family medicine rotation beginning in July. Although we hope she will be placed in Vancouver, we may need to move to another city if she is placed elsewhere.

Even if we are able to stay in Vancouver, we’re waiting to hear news about whether we’ll be able to continue living at the Menno Simons Centre and doing our university student ministry there, since our board is making plans to sell the building and relocate onto the UBC campus.

This January I will begin a part-time PhD in theology, which will involve lots of studying, writing, and several yearly trips to Amsterdam. For a few years now, the idea of pursuing more theological studies has been growing on me, and I am excited for the ways this educational undertaking will equip me for ministry and deepen my worship. The beginning of this PhD work is the main reason that I will be stepping down at LPC. Also, I feel that my time of ministry at LPC has been very naturally connected with the ministry and vision of Pastor John, and with the new season that LPC is entering, I feel it is a natural time for me to step down from this role.

As we look back on our time at LPC, we will mostly remember your generosity. For example, I’ve lost track of all the times the aunties insistently piled food on our plates, snuck food for us to take home, and invited us out for meals. We’ll also remember your deep love and respect for the Bible.

I think what we’ll miss most is coming on Sunday morning, working with the sound and set-up team and other worship volunteers, and having the privilege of leading you all in worship. We’ll also miss special events like Good Friday and Christmas services, and especially the summer conferences which were always such a highlight.

We’re grateful for all the ways we’ve been able to share our lives with many of you over the past five years and we feel privileged to have witnessed the strong presence and clear work of Christ among you.

I’m not exactly sure what the future of LPC will look like, but I think that pastor Chris is a gift to LPC and that he has much to offer in terms of helping LPC to discern what LPC wants its vision to be.

Transitions are never easy, but we do not have to be afraid if we entrust ourselves to the renewing God of the cross and resurrection. Again, my last word to you all is to keep worshiping!'


Thomas Bergen

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