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Written by Chris Kibble   
Tuesday, 23 October 2018 16:10

Dear all


You're Paul the Apostle, you're in jail and you're worried about the spiritual health of your friends in Philippi. Whom can you send to bring back reliable news about Philippi, and while he's there, to care of their spiritual welfare? And who can you rely on to take a letter from you to Philippi?  Well, Paul had two reliable men to hand, Timothy and Epaphroditus. Timothy had been a faithful supporter of Paul for over 10 years and he would bring back the news from Philippi. And Epaphroditus, who had been sent by the Philippians to help Paul through his difficult time in jail, would carry Paul's letter to them.



So what was it about these two men that inspired such trust? Was it that they were super talented? It would seem not. There were no obvious marks of stardom. But they did have certain qualities which we can see in Philippians 2:19-30. First, Christ was at the centre of their lives: Timothy looked out for the 'interests of Jesus Christ', and Epaphroditus almost 'died for the work of Christ'. It is said that you either live in Philippians 1:21 or 2:21 - it's either 'for me to live is Christ' or 'looking out for our own interest’. Secondly, they had a commitment to the gospel of Christ. Timothy had served with Paul 'in the work of the gospel' and Epaphroditus was a 'co-worker'. Then, they had a good reputation - Paul had 'no-one like Timothy' and Epaphroditus had been purposefully chosen by the Philippians to help Paul. Fourth, they had a certain spiritual maturity: Timothy had served with Paul 'like a son with his father' for many years and Epaphroditus was a 'fellow soldier'. Both had a heart for people. Timothy showed 'genuine concern' for the Philippians welfare and Epaphroditus was distressed by the sorrow his illness caused his friends - more than by the illness itself. Finally, they were faithful - Timothy had proved himself again and again in his work with Paul and Epaphroditus had risked his life to help Paul.

Paul takes great pains to detail the examples set by these two men. They demonstrated the qualities Paul would like to see in the Philippians. Something for us, I wonder?



Pastor Chris

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