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Lest We Forget PDF Print E-mail
Written by Chris Kibble   
Sunday, 26 August 2018 14:35

We enjoyed Conrade Yap's sermon on 2 Timothy 2:1-14 on 12th August. This is how Conrade describes the key message of the passage.



'Ever since the laws were given to Israel, God had repeatedly warned His people to keep the covenant and to stay faithful to their calling. Unfortunately, that was not to be. As generation after generation forsakes, forfeits, and forgets God, Israel gets from bad to worse, from worse to horrific. The LORD had to show them what true faithfulness and loyalty mean. Speaking through the prophets, kings, priests, and servants throughout the ages is our God who maintains a consistent message of love and truth. The single biggest reason keeping the people of God away is because of their spiritual dementia, the very thing God had warned them about. For when we forget God, we lose more than just memories. We lose our history, our stories, and ourselves. The good news is this. God is faithful and if He could even give us His only Son, surely He would guide us to all remembrance of Him and His Promises. What we all need is a regular kick-butt reminder. Lest we too forget. Thankfully, God not only called us, He is constantly helping us recall'


We had a lively and wide ranging discussion in the post service TLC session on the practical implications of 'remembering', with a focus on what it means to be a soldier for Christ. Our discussion had a particular emphasis on how we manage our money in a godly way


After the service, a group of young men from the church cycled together.  See photo above!





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