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Advent IV – Heavenly Drama Unveiled - Matt 2:13-23, Rev 12:1-17 PDF Print E-mail
Written by John Tsang   
Wednesday, 27 December 2017 09:12


This Advent, we journeyed through the arc of the Christmas story from Genesis to Revelation. The intent was to see the birth of Christ as a promise in Genesis fulfilled, a mystery revealed in John, the dawning of peace in Ephesians, and the heavenly drama unveiled in Revelation.


Revelation is not a usual Christmas text. We read of a woman giving birth, a dragon set on destroying the offspring, and a narrow escape from danger. There is a celestial battle causing havoc and casualties. People in 1st century did not believe in literal dragons in the sky any more than you and I; this is their storytelling ‘language’. It is their way of saying that there is a heavenly spiritual unseen realm and what happens there has direct effects on our material seen world, and likewise, what happens here on earth has effects in the spiritual realm. When you read Revelation 12:1-17 alongside Matt 2:13-23, you see a striking parallel of the birth of Christ, the Flight into Egypt, the Slaughter of Innocence, and the Return to Nazareth. Matthew is telling the story from below. Revelation is telling the story from above. From the perspective of above, the birth of Jesus was a cosmic event that shook the world and sent ripples into all of creation. Nothing was left untouched.


That these two realms intersect with one another is what Christmas is all about. God came to our seen material world in order to save us from the grasp of the serpent in Genesis that turned into the beastly dragon of Revelation. But Revelation also tells us that God defeated the evil serpent dragon, rescued us from its grasp, and saved us from death. Victory has been won on the cross. Until Christ returns again, “This calls for patient endurance and faithfulness on the part of God’s people.” (Rev 13:10) May we be enduring faithful witnesses for God.


Peace and grace, John

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