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Not Against Flesh and Blood - Eph 6:10-24 PDF Print E-mail
Written by John Tsang   
Monday, 27 November 2017 13:55


How does the devil work and what has God given the church to defend against his evil schemes? Perhaps it would be best to see it through some specific examples.


1. In times of loss, setback, illness, hardship, failure, or tragedy.

When we encounter a challenging moment in our life, there is a spiritual battle - will we deepen our trust and faith in God or will it push us further away? Set aside for a moment, the question of whether the actual incident is inflicted upon us by the devil or not, the harder battle is the struggle in the interior life.  In those moments, the enemy will throw out many lies but we can wrap ourselves with the belt of truth. The truth: God is not out to punish us, God loves us. The shield of faith is available to us as doubts and questions find their way into our thoughts. Sometimes in order to escape the pain of setbacks, it is tempting to find a substitute that will make us feel better temporarily. But we have the breastplate of righteousness from Christ to help us conduct ourselves with integrity and holiness.  The Word of God (sword) often serves as a comfort and strength to us during those difficult times.


2. Called by God for a special task or mission.

Another way that followers often sense the struggle in the spiritual realm is when we feel the call to serve God in courageous ways, in particular, advancing the kingdom of God through missions.  Paul asked his friends in Ephesus to pray for him so that he would be fearless in making the mystery of the Gospel known.  We can also pray for courage to defend against the attack of the enemy as we prepare ourselves with the readiness that comes from the Gospel of peace.


3. Principalities and powers.

There are things that in and of itself are good or neutral but by our actions, we give it power, it becomes an idol, and it now takes on a life of its own and exerts power and influence over us. Perhaps one of the clearest example of this are the phones that we carry in our pocket. It is amazing in how short of a time, right before our eyes, how the principality of technology controls us.  Money of course turns into the god of mammon. Wealth, power, status, beauty, sexuality are all principalities and powers of our modern world. We need to be aware of these gods and stand firm against the flaming arrows.


We have often seen the armour of God as something that we put on individually but the power of this comes when we as the body of Christ, put on the armour of God. For in numbers, we find a stronger defense against the attack of the evil one.


Peace and grace, John

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