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The Healing Power of Christ’s Light – Eph 5:3-20 PDF Print E-mail
Written by John Tsang   
Wednesday, 15 November 2017 11:12


The fact that there is sexual immorality, impurity, and greed in our society is confirmed daily by our news headlines. So Paul’s teaching in this portion of Ephesians is as relevant as it is in his day. Addressing those who have come from a former way of life (4:22), Paul insisted that we live an ethical lifestyle that resembles the goodness, righteousness, and truth (Eph 5:9) of the God whom we worship. This is good wisdom for us.


But it is very conceivable that even followers of Christ may have developed unhealthy habits influenced by today’s social media, entertainment, music industry, or the ‘sex sells’ strategies of the marketing gurus. What if there are some immoral or impure things that we have kept hidden that no other person knows? Secrecy and keeping it hidden will eventually become spiritual cancer. The invitation that I see in this passage is for us to have the courage to bring it to the healing light of Christ. We can do so because of Eph 1-3; we are loved children of God and Christ has died on the cross for us.


As difficult as it may be, the first step is to find one person whom you trust that you can disclose your struggle with. However, do prayerfully discern to whom you will confide. In Life Together, Dietrich Bonhoeffer has this to say about the practice of confession:


In confession there takes place a breakthrough to community. Sin wants to remain unknown. It shuns the light. In confession the light of the gospel breaks into the darkness and closed isolation of the heart. Sin must be brought into the light.

What is unspoken is said openly and confessed. All that is secret and hidden comes to light. It is a hard struggle until the sin crosses one’s lips in confession. Sin that has been spoken and confessed has lost all of its power. It has been revealed and judged as sin. (p110)

In this connection, we are talking exclusively about confession between two Christians. A confession of sin in the presence of all the members of the congregation is not required to restore one to community with the entire congregation. In the one other Christian to whom I confess my sins and by whom my sins are declared forgiven, I meet the whole congregation.’ In confession there occurs a breakthrough to the cross. The root of all my sin is pride.’ (p111)


May we strive to be this kind of community for one another.


Peace and grace, John

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