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Ephesians PDF Print E-mail
Written by John Tsang   
Monday, 18 September 2017 11:59


It was a great weekend together! On Friday night, we had the opportunity to hear about Steve and Jennifer’s ministry in Sierre Leone. Then, like one of those drones that can soar up high to give a breathtaking view of the landscape, on Sunday, we had the opportunity to take a ‘bird’s eye view’ of the entire book of Ephesians. As Thomas recited it in its entirety, we listened; much like the original audience would have listened to Paul’s letter read at their worship gatherings. Hopefully, we now have a better sense of the themes, the flow, and the overall coherence, and logic of the letter. What I appreciated about Thomas’ presentation (apart from being amazed at his ability to memorize it) was the tone, the inflection, the pauses that brought out Paul’s heart and passion that you just cannot pick up as readily if you simply read it with our eyes. There is something very special about listening to Scriptures read to you. We need to do both; read and listen, but in our day and age, we need to be more intentional in hearing the Word of God read to us. What struck you this past Sunday as you heard the book of Ephesians presented?


Here is the link to the overview of Ephesians from The Bible Project. Join us in the weeks ahead as we work through portions of Ephesians. Read it before coming to service. Perhaps you might consider memorizing your favourite portion of Ephesians.


Paul’s relationship with the church in Ephesus can be found in Acts 19. Paul visited Ephesus and stayed there for over two years and had a very fruitful and effective missional ministry there. A number of years later, Paul is imprisoned by the Romans and there, he wrote this letter to the churches in Ephesus. At the time of Paul’s writing, the church in Ephesus was a maturing growing church, there is an absence of any specific conflicts or issues that you see in Paul’s other letters. It is an affirming letter; reaffirming one’s identity in Christ, to live lives worthy of the calling that has been given to each of us in all areas of our lives, and to seek maturity in Christ. May our time through this book serve to encourage us to do the same.


Peace and grace, John

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