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Average People?
Written by Conrade Yap   
Tuesday, 11 February 2014 16:47

Average People?

A story was told of a shepherd who found a newly born lion’s cub in the field. He felt pity for the little creature and brought it home with him. He fed it. He nursed it. He even put the cub together with his goats. Soon, the cub grew up and moved like the goats, ate like the goats, and behaved like a goat. Whatever the other goats did, the lion followed. Whenever the goats ran, the little lion ran too. Such a story reminds me of how nurture can shape nature. The mighty lion has become like a billy goat. It is like a Lamborghini sports car that thinks it is only a Ford Escort. As a result, the sports superstar never achieves what it is created to be. Likewise, humans can  imitate an environment that is content to be a mere average, regardless of one’s prowess. Pastor and author, Eugene Peterson reminds us.

The Puzzle is why so many people live so badly. Not so wickedly, but so inanely. Not so cruelly, but so stupidly. There is little to admire and less to imitate in the people who are prominent in our culture. We have celebrities but not saints. Famous entertainers amuse a nation of bored insomniacs. Infamous criminals act out the aggressions of timid conformists. Petulant and spoiled athletes play games vicariously for lazy and apathetic spectators. People, aimless and bored, amuse themselves with trivia and trash. Neither the adventure of goodness nor the pursuit of righteousness gets headlines. (Eugene Peterson, Run With the Horses, IVP, 1983 p11)

Doing Away with 'Religion'
Written by John Tsang   
Monday, 10 February 2014 11:05

Doing Away with ‘Religion’ – Mark 2:23-3:6

A good friend of mine pointed me to a book called, Accidental Pharisees with the subtitle, ‘Avoiding the Dangers of Overzealous Faith’. I never did get around to getting a hold of it but some books you don’t have to read to get the central point.  My guess is that the author is saying sometimes, sincere, Jesus-loving, committed Christians … bless their hearts … unintentionally end up like the Pharisees in many of Jesus’ stories.   They find a certain personal conviction that is really helpful to their own spiritual life and in their zealousness, they think that everyone else SHOULD do the same.  This can range from tithing a certain percentage, regularly attending some form of Sunday School or Bible Study, reading a chapter of the Bible every day, to praying using the ‘ACTS’ pattern.  All of which, in and of themselves, are great ways to deepen the spiritual life, and as a pastor, I might even encourage and support.  But when we turn something that we’ve found personally helpful into a SHOULD for others, then we’ve made following Jesus into a religion.

Making Room
Written by Conrade Yap   
Tuesday, 28 January 2014 10:06


Chinese New Year is around the corner. With more than 1.4 billion Chinese all over the world, of which there are about 1.3 billion in China alone, CNY is perhaps one of the most celebrated event by any one ethnic group. Based on the 2011 population census, about 17% out of 2.5 million people in Vancouver are ethnically Chinese. It has even been said that Richmond BC is the “most Chinese city in North America.” If you don’t believe me, try visiting Aberdeen Center this week. Chances are, because of the crowd, you would try to avoid that famous landmark in Richmond. What is normally busy and crowded will be even more busy and crowded. Perhaps, riding the Canada Line there can be a good alternative.

There is a strange irony of life. The loneliest people also happens to be living in busy and crowded societies. That is one reason Mother Teresa had expanded her ministry from India to North America; from ministry to the poor in India to the ministry of the lonely in the rich West. She said at one time: “The most terrible poverty is loneliness, and the feeling of being unloved.” What then can be done? Clue: Make room for one another. Indeed, making room for one another is what being family is all about. It can be a simple phone call or an email that says, “I remember you in prayer today.” It can be simply having a chat over coffee or a weekly meeting over a meal. It can be offering hospitality to someone in need, or inviting a  student for a meal over the festive season. It can be giving an encouraging word to those who are lonely, or spending time listening to one another. Make room in our hearts to recognize those who are going through particularly hard times. Make room for prayer. Make room for God.

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