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So That You May Believe - John 20
Written by John Tsang   
Friday, 21 April 2017 08:44


John began the resurrection story in chapter 20 by noting that it was the first day of the week and while it was still dark, Mary Magdalene went to the tomb. She saw that the stone covering the tomb was removed so she ran to get Peter and the beloved disciple (most commentators believe that the nameless beloved disciple is John, the author of the Gospel). Upon seeing the empty tomb John believed (20:8)


Then, Mary had a personal encounter with the risen Jesus 20:11-18. At first, Mary thought that Jesus was the gardener. When Jesus called Mary by her name, she instantly recognized that it was the Lord and Mary believed (20:16).

Last Updated on Friday, 21 April 2017 08:51
A Different Kind of King - John 18
Written by John Tsang   
Thursday, 13 April 2017 09:20


After the High Priestly Prayer in John 17, Jesus crossed the Kidron Valley with the disciples into the Garden of Gethsemane. There, Jesus prayed to the Father alone. The agonizing time of prayer was interrupted by Judas and a group of Temple police who came to arrest Jesus. Why did Judas betray Jesus? There are theories which suggest that Judas was trying to force Jesus into being the kind of political leader and king who would lead a rebellion to overthrow the Roman Empire. But it became apparent that Jesus’ kingdom was not one of violence and power but one of love and sacrifice.


The other prominent disciple in this part of the Passion story is of course, Peter. Three times Peter denied he was associated with Jesus. Why would all the Gospels include this story of one of the most important leader in the early Church? Perhaps it serves as a warning for me to stay humble and not to be over confident of my devotion to God.

Last Updated on Thursday, 13 April 2017 09:25
Jesus' Parting Prayer for Us - John 17:1-26
Written by John Tsang   
Wednesday, 05 April 2017 10:09


The beautiful prayer offered to the

Father by Jesus in John 17 is sometimes referred to as the High Priestly Prayer. In it, Jesus prayed for the glorification of the Father (17:1-5), protection for the disciples (17:6-19), and oneness for all future believers (17:20-26).



First, Jesus wanted to glorify the Father through what was about to take place, namely, the cross. Jesus wanted the Father to make known the beauty, goodness, magnificence, and authority of the cross even though in the eyes of humanity, it was a symbol of shame, violence, and cruelty. It is through the cross that God will grant eternal life to whom the Father has given. And this is eternal life: that they know you, the only true God, and Jesus Christ (17:3).

Last Updated on Wednesday, 05 April 2017 10:17
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