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Making Room
Written by Conrade Yap   
Tuesday, 28 January 2014 10:06


Chinese New Year is around the corner. With more than 1.4 billion Chinese all over the world, of which there are about 1.3 billion in China alone, CNY is perhaps one of the most celebrated event by any one ethnic group. Based on the 2011 population census, about 17% out of 2.5 million people in Vancouver are ethnically Chinese. It has even been said that Richmond BC is the “most Chinese city in North America.” If you don’t believe me, try visiting Aberdeen Center this week. Chances are, because of the crowd, you would try to avoid that famous landmark in Richmond. What is normally busy and crowded will be even more busy and crowded. Perhaps, riding the Canada Line there can be a good alternative.

There is a strange irony of life. The loneliest people also happens to be living in busy and crowded societies. That is one reason Mother Teresa had expanded her ministry from India to North America; from ministry to the poor in India to the ministry of the lonely in the rich West. She said at one time: “The most terrible poverty is loneliness, and the feeling of being unloved.” What then can be done? Clue: Make room for one another. Indeed, making room for one another is what being family is all about. It can be a simple phone call or an email that says, “I remember you in prayer today.” It can be simply having a chat over coffee or a weekly meeting over a meal. It can be offering hospitality to someone in need, or inviting a  student for a meal over the festive season. It can be giving an encouraging word to those who are lonely, or spending time listening to one another. Make room in our hearts to recognize those who are going through particularly hard times. Make room for prayer. Make room for God.

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Hearing the Call of the Kingdom
Written by John Tsang   
Wednesday, 22 January 2014 21:11

Hearing the Call of the Kingdom – Mark 1:14-45

It was a September evening in the quietness of my dorm room when I prayed to make a profession of faith to follow Jesus.  The first few weeks of college/university life was a shock to me; nothing quite prepared me for it.  I was raised in the small town of Windsor, ON and I packed all my things to move to London, ON to attend the UWO.  One of the ‘gospels’ or way of salvation presented to me was the life of parties accompanied by unceasing drinking.  Another dominant ‘gospel’ that was held in high esteem was the life of pure academics.   Succeed there and you will punch your ticket to freedom and security.  By the grace of God and through my older brother and sister, I was introduced to a group of Christians on campus.  I felt a sense of joy and peace about this particular group that I didn’t see anywhere else.  They took their studies seriously, they knew how to have fun (we were afterall in our late teens and early twenties), but there was a different perspective of life that sought to find coherence and meaning by following Jesus Christ.  And so one night, as I returned back to my residence, I found God, or as many of the classical spiritual writers put it, God found me.

Did someone explain to me what it meant to follow Jesus along the way, of course!  But as a naïve idealistic 18 year old, did I know what that fully meant?  Not a chance!  Through many sermons, Bible Study groups, times of worship, opportunities like Urbana, retreats, conferences, the counsel of people who were further along the journey of faith, and through life’s twists and turns, what started out as a simple prayer to surrender my life to Jesus began to unravel into a deeper understanding of what it means to follow Jesus.   My call to pastoral ministry took many years to crystallize.  Even today, I don’t think I can fully explain what it means to follow Jesus through words alone.  Maybe that’s why the Gospel writers used stories to paint a picture of what the kingdom of God is like.  Words are somehow inadequate.

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The Gospel of Jesus Christ
Written by Conrade Yap   
Tuesday, 14 January 2014 21:32

And this was his message: “After me comes the one more powerful than I, the straps of whose sandals I am not worthy to stoop down and untie.”  (Mark 1:7)


The Gospel of Jesus Christ

Last Sunday, Pastor John reminded us about how the gospel of Jesus contrasted sharply with that of the Roman Empire at that time. We were then encouraged to think about how the gospel contrasted with our present world. Why did Mark introduce the gospel in such a way? How did the early disciples receive the text? Mark laid the groundwork to show the early believers that the gospel stood in contrast to a world that was increasingly hostile to all things Christ.

For a non-believer then, one would have wondered what difference it would make: The Gospel of Christ versus the prevailing notions of human power and Roman might. For a believer, one would be asking: When would the kingdom come and when would it be done on earth as it is in heaven? For contemporary believers like you and me, how would this passage affect us? Pastor John then went on to remind us that many believers often “gloss over” such an important introductory statement. Imagination and patience are key when it comes to reading Scripture. How then do we begin well?

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