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The Power of the Gospel, John 1:1-14
Written by John Tsang   
Monday, 09 January 2017 15:38


If you had to choose the most important passage in all of Scripture, John 1:1-14 must be one of the considerations. This eloquently written Prologue of the Gospel of John connects the Word (Christ) with the story of Creation in Genesis, makes a strong theological statement about the divinity and pre-existence of Christ, affirms the humanity of Jesus Christ through the incarnation, gives a true description of humanity, and extends an invitation for all to become children of God by receiving and believing in Him. Few passages in Scripture can tell the whole Gospel story with such poetic beauty and clarity.


Last Updated on Monday, 09 January 2017 15:47
Fix Your Eyes on Jesus, Heb 12:1-3
Written by John Tsang   
Monday, 02 January 2017 22:25


If a pilot plots a course and he is off just a few degrees, by the time the plane arrives at its destination thousands of miles away, the plane could be hundreds of miles off course. This is because a small drift over a long time or over a long distance will result in you being significantly off course. What is true of an airplane is true of you and me. We can drift ever so slightly in our relationships, in our work, in our walk with God and if we allow that to go on unchecked for a long period of time, we could end up at a totally unintended place. The beginning of a new year offers us an opportunity to reflect over this past year and to make course corrections. Drift happens to all of us. It takes no energy to drift; in fact, drift happens because of neglect. So let us fix our eyes on Jesus.

Last Updated on Monday, 02 January 2017 22:43
Christmas - Joy of Jesus Christ, John 1:1-5, Matt 1:18-21
Written by John Tsang   
Wednesday, 28 December 2016 12:33


What a meaningful way to spend Christmas morning as we worshiped together as the LPC family. Our Christmas worship was based on a simplified version of the Nicene Creed. The lighting of the center candle of the Advent wreath represents Christ as God of God and Light of Light. Then we had the opportunity to hear four people’s testimony of how they received God’s gift of salvation.


I believe in one Lord Jesus Christ,

the only begotten of the Father before all worlds;

God of God, Light of light, very God of very God;

begotten, not made,

being of one substance with the Father,

by whom all things were made.

Who, for us and our salvation, came down from heaven,

and became incarnate by the Holy Spirit of the virgin Mary,

and was made man.


Last Updated on Wednesday, 28 December 2016 12:44
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